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An exclusive bay of my reflections on people, moments,learning and understanding ...I dedicate this to each and everyone I know or will ever know in my life....'coz to me, some way or the other, each one of you is like a page I will cherish having in my book of life.. !! Cheers :)

Sweet Spot

ThoughtsPosted by Sun, January 24, 2016 21:56:25

Watching the flight lights glimmer in this night sky,
On the bean, with my pashmina & cuppa on my thigh,
Shivering at all the forever out there in every direction,
Tonight even the crescent
moon seems perfectly round in some hidden illumination...

Thinking of the feelings that wont go away anywhere,
the lovely little distractions that spring in my ear - right here..
These are things that just slipped under my skin,
Try as I might, but can't ignore the instincts in..

Together things seem doable,
dreams appear achievable,
Habits start belonging to us,
Good or bad - evolves us quietly - minus any fuss..

Words fail, silence speaks,
little things are the real bliss,
This spur to hurt & run extra miles like a dumb..
And return feeling not tired but awesome!

Unsure if this joy is that of future's hope or of the present's pleasure,
Unsure if it's wishes of the gods or the hearts in here..
One thing I can say for sure,
Now walking back to my serene den,
I Miss how the flight lights were merrier having you along then..

Maybe tonight I'll give the skies another chance,
Maybe I'll wait & let the skies stare down to see us happily dance ,
Maybe I'll wait & let the flights have us in to cheers to our glance,
Maybe I'll work harder to taste our dreams - more in India & a little bit in France..

What is it?

Fait accompli, oxymoron or mere magic?
Cluelessly calling it a night, letting aside all logic..
Maybe they say it right, for such things under the sun,
Keep it calm & inhale the intuition...
Keep it silent & sacred - just feel the fun..

But, don't get done..
'Coz life has just begun!

...holding on to the thought.. Signing off my sweet spot..